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Slavica, thanks to this fabulous class!! It opened doors for
I can now access one of my dreams that I thought
unreachable ... write a book and get published !!!

This course takes us over everything we need to know
in the world of writing and publishing (with practical exercises) in a simple and
easy way; while with impressive efficiency.

I went
from zero, I had never written anything, although I had
the will ... and here I am almost finished with a book and I know how
to publish it.

This course is full and amazing. In addition, Slavica offers up
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Slavica Bogdanov: World Renown Expert

Best selling author with over 30 books published including 3 Best Sellers. Interviewed on various TV channels. Articles of reference in magazines such as Psychology, Capital Health and Yoga Spirit. Friend of famous authors such as Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield of the movie 'The Secret'.

In 2016, Slavica has 6 different titles published, a world record.

Want to make money with your book?

Want to be a best selling author?

Will you finally realize this dream of writing?


I have published over 30 books in French and English including 3 bestsellers in France and also translated into Spanish, Italian and German.

There are many companies who tell you that you have to pay to publish your book. It is not true. You can do it yourself. You can learn how!

I want to teach you how you too can publish your book and sell it !! And, increase your monthly income!

In addition, a book helps you to distinguish yourself from others, to be considered an expert in an area, to increase your sales, to advertise your business or just have fun.

This 12 step video course will help you:

  • Start with your basic idea, no matter what it is
  • If you have no idea, find selling topics
  • Create the skeleton of your book
  • Learn to put your ideas on paper
  • Organize your ideas into chapters
  • Write the book
  • How to publish on kindle amazon and immediately sell your book
  • How to become known as an author
  • How to contact publishers and agents
  • And more
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Whether you only have a book in mind or you have already written one, this course is a gold mine !!

What are the advantages to get published?

1- You stand out from your competition

2- You are immediately raised to the level of '' expert '' and '' expert '' of your profession. Remember, it is always the experts who makes more money, always. We always pay more a specialist than a generalist.

3- You have special privileges. For example, I bought a car on credit without even a contract. I was offered the Porsche with confidence because of my reputation! I just find me the best apartment in the most desirable area of ​​downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida and accepted me on the spot because I am a writer! I met famous people like Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy because am author ...

4- When you appear as an author, people listen to you immediately. It is always the expert who is believed and south after. So if you write a book in your field, you will always be ahead of all the others! Always!

5- You will have one of the best marketing tools ever. Others offer business cards that are discarded. You can give a book to be kept!

And I teach you how to do this easily.

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The course is only $497 or $85 per month (for 6 months)

No one has created a course as complete, because I share trade secrets that no one wants to share !!

Hello Slavica
As you can see, your writing class pays off !!! I’m on my third book on personal development selling on Amazon and Edilivre. Anything can happen, even for the most Cartesian of us.
Thank you to you and wonderful life.

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