Tips on publishing your books


If you are a new author, you are probably wondering how to go about publishing your book. You have most likely received advice from various people and at times it is difficult to get settled, especially when you know that the future of your book depends on the decision you will make on whom to publish your book with. With publishing, you can either opt for traditional publishing or self-publishing. This is what you get with either that you opt for,

Traditional publishing

Traditional publishing is whereby a publisher offers an author a contract and the publisher does all the work of printing, publishing and selling the book. The author does not get all the returns from the book but gets royalties from sales made. Steps on traditional publishing are dependent on the particular category that you are writing on. After following the steps, you need to write a query letter which attracts different agents.


Self-publishing has different options to choose from, i.e., subsidy, vanity, print on demand and self-publishing. With self-publishing, the cost solely falls on the shoulders of the author. The benefit is that the author retains all the rights of that book including the profits made. Self-publishing gives you the control over your work including the time that you would want to get your work published.

As an author, the best thing that you should do is weigh the options that you have. If you are an established writer, you probably have a market base and marketing may not be a problem, you can opt for self-publishing. New writers may at times opt for traditional publishing which might be easy as the marketing will be done for them and they will also get a fan base. Next time we will go through steps in both self-publishing and traditional publishing modes.


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