Steps in traditional publishing


Traditional publishing refers to an author getting a book deal. This involves having an agent who looks over your work and later submits it to a publisher (or publishing company) who looks over the work again then finally publishes and markets the book. In-between there may be a number of rejections and hopefully an acceptance. The publisher does most of the work for the author and in return, the publisher gets part of the profit made from that book. Steps to be taken by an author considering this form of publishing should be as following:

Identify the right category for your writing – this makes it easier for you to get a publisher that deals with that kind of work. Vague writers may get a hard time because no one may be willing to take time on work that has no specific direction.

Find an agent – different agents deal with various literary work, it is easy to find an agent after settling on the category that you want to write on. The work of an agent is to review an author’s work, give them feedback and negotiate deals between publishers and authors. It is advisable that you have a list of potential agents that you may want to work with. This is because not all agents available are competent to handle your work.

Submit your work – work submitted to an agent is dependent on the category you are writing on. Non-fiction writers are required to submit a book proposal and include three sample chapters with a synopsis of each chapter. Fiction writers are needed to complete their manuscript and then write a query letter. This gives the agents an idea of your work and helps them decide whether or not they will work with you. You will get feedback from some agents, and you can choose one from the options that you will have.

From this point, the agent that you will get works on your behalf. Agents are well known to publishing houses, and they are also versed with negotiation skills which an author may lack. Authors that choose to go with traditional publishing get deals that are favorable.

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