How to be an effective writer

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Writing is a passion for most people, the only drawback that most potential authors have is that their work never gets to see the light of day. I will give you some good pointers that will make you a good writer and make your work attractive and interesting to the rest of the world.

Set targets and deadlines

Not every author is self-motivated to work towards their passion; this is at times due to tight work schedules. It is, therefore, critical to set targets and deadlines in which you should have achieved the set goals. This gives the author the pressure to ensure that by the set deadline, they will have achieved a certain target regarding their writing.

Disconnect from the internet

This is as simple as it is, with social media having a high impact on people, it is possible to drift away from your writing and give in to social networking and ‘the internet’. This is something that may make an author waste a lot of time and in return postpone what they should be doing at that moment. A project that should have in essence taken a year ends up taking more than two years.

Create a working area

It is important to create a working area which preferably locks the whole world out and gives you room to think. An author more so those that write novels needs to shut out the world around them and create a world of their own. With a distracted mind or when working in a distractive environment, you may not be in a position to focus and bring out the best in your literary work.

If possible, every author should have a working space that is dedicated to their work. This means that the area should be free from any other activity that may potentially cause destruction.


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