Guidelines for publishing your book


After days of writing and editing your book, you need a publisher that will complete the last stage of your work which is actually publishing your book. Writing a book is not a guarantee that people will read it, a manuscript will not get into any one’s book shop but a published book will. Below are a few guidelines on what you should do to ensure that your book will get published in the right way.

You need to know which publishing house will publish your work. In case you had not considered this option, you may need to get a literary agent. A literary agent represents a writer and also presents their work to a publisher. Some of the benefits of having a literary agent are that they can guide authors to suitable publishers. Literary agents are capable of negotiating deals that some new authors might not be in a position to negotiate. You may need an agent if you are a new writer without experience when it comes to publishing your work.

It is not always that your work will get attention from literary agents when this happens you can consider publishing your work with a university press or other small independent presses. The advantage is that they are trustworthy, and you don’t expect to fall into the hands of frauds in the effort of publishing your book. Most of the university presses will rarely ask for a literary agent, and you will only be asked to send a copy of your work in either hard copy or soft copy.

Before you seek a literary agent or settle for a university press, it is advisable to send your work to a professional editor. Otherwise, you may end up committing a mistake that may cost you your writing career. It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes on your work; they are the only ones who can see some of the mistakes that you may have by-passed.

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