Discipline that an author should cultivate


An author without any form of discipline may take forever to get their work done. It is important that every writer has some drive that pushes them every day. It is not every day that you wake up feeling that you are up to the task of writing. If you have a job, every day may be a day that you are too tired to write. This may make you take longer on a single project which could have otherwise taken a shorter period. It is important that an author should have self-drive; discipline is what makes successful writers.

Time management

Set apart the time for writing and working on your book. Make sure that you don’t compromise on this time. Most writers take this time as relaxing time and time for hanging out with friends. Some will even postpone the work that they ought to be doing for some other time. Timing is essential in any form of writing; there is no point in spending years on a book that you can finish in less than three or even two years. The discipline of sticking to the time set for writing is not always easy but bears good fruits at the end.

Maintain your purpose

The purpose of the literary work that you are doing is critical. Remember that this is why you are writing in the first place. We all know that writing is an art that calls for creativity and imagination. This does not mean that a writer should deviate from the main purpose of their project, this requires discipline, and it calls for a writer who is dedicated to sticking to the objective of the book amidst challenges that they may encounter.

An author that maintains discipline in time management and the purpose of the book is able to get his work done fast. This is something that most upcoming writers lack. In the end making their passion for writing not to become a reality but a mere dream.


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