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Discover the method by which I published more than 33 books including 4 Best Sellers and how you can use this recipe for your own success.

I did not know that a book could open as many doors and be as profitable before seeing this training. I begin now to write my own *.


Seing this training inspired me and opened my mind. I am full of ideas of what I could do and really useful tips. Thanks *.


What will you learn?

  • Why is writing a book so important for your business and how to make it profitable?
  • The essential steps to write a book that sells
  • How to publish his book
  • And more + Bonus at the end!!

Who is Slavica?

World renown expert and best selling author

Famous author of over 30 books including 3 Best Sellers, translated in 5 languages world wide. Interviewed on various TV channels. Articles of reference in magazines such as Psychology, Capital Health and Yoga Spirit. Friend of famous authors such as Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield of the film 'The Secret'.

Jack Canfield, Best selling author

I’ve never met anyone who wrote almost as many books as I do!

Jack Canfield, from the movie ‘The Secret’ and author of the Success Principles the ” Chicken Soup for the Soul ”series which sold over 500 million copies.

Jack Canfield, Best selling author
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